The Philosopher’s Workshop


What is ‘the workshop’ of a philosopher? Properly speaking, his workshop is the philosopher’s own mind. Broadly speaking, it is the philosopher’s desk, library or study-room. In our case, the philosopher’s workshop is a virtual space that aims at becoming a meeting place for scholars and interested people where we all can bring together scholarly reflections, insights, research tools and investigations about the philosopher and polymath Roger Bacon (c.1214-1292), Master of Arts and Franciscan Friar, definitely one of the most controversial, innovative, and surprising intellectual figures of the Middle Ages.

The virtual workshop has three main missions: to research, inform, and share knowledge on Roger Bacon. As a free instrument of RESEARCH, available to all users, the virtual workshop provides an electronic resource entirely dedicated to scholarly research in the life, thought and writings of Roger Bacon; an integrated global access to texts that are currently out of print and in public domain; a fully searchable database of the manuscript transmission of Bacon’s works, which can support title-based and manuscript-based researches; and a bibliography of Bacon’s life, works, legacy, with direct links to studies and materials in public domain.

As a system of INFORMATION, it provides a regularly updated page of news and events concerning Roger Bacon (conferences, seminars, publications, projects, etc); an integrated system of links to social networks where discussions and news can be broadly disseminated; and a subscription to a dedicated newsletter.

Finally, as SHARING PLACEthe virtual workshop aims at becoming a reference point for facilitating the circulation of news and initiatives on Roger Bacon. All users are indeed strongly invited to send here info on events, publications, research projects, initiatives on Roger Bacon.