Bibliography [V]


Vivarium 35.2, 1997, with articles by: J. Hackett, “Roger Bacon and Aristotelianism. Introduction”; C. Marmo, “Bacon, Aristotle (and all the others) on Natural Inferential Signs”; C. Trifogli, “Roger Bacon and Aristotle’s Doctrine of Place”; S. Donati, “The Anonymous Questions on ‘Physics II-IV of MS Philadelphia, Free Library, Lewis Europ.53 (ff.71ra-85rb) and Roger Bacon”; R. Wood, “Roger Bacon: Richard Rufus’ Successor as a Parisian Physics Professor”; T.B. Noone, “Roger Bacon and Richard Rufus on Aristotle’s Metaphysics: A Search for the Grounds of Disagreement”;  R.J. Long, “Roger Bacon on the Nature and Place of Angels”; J. Hackett, “Roger Bacon, Aristotle, and the Parisian Condemnations of 1270, 1277”.

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